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Lesson: Planning Your Signature Event

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Seminar: Tips and Tricks to Planning Your Event with Nonprofit Event Planner Danielle Douglas-Sidock (Scroll Down)

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

What is a signature event? 

A signature event is THE annual event the nonprofit is known for in the community. It will be one that you will put on annually for many years. This event is also deeply rooted in your mission and will be your largest event of the year. A signature event will take work and planning.

Why you need to do it:

Because it’s so deeply rooted in your mission, a signature event is a strategic way to gain awareness for your cause and raise money. While a signature event takes a few years to become established, it will be one your supporters look forward to year after year. They will even invite others to join them. Signature events also raise more money than any other event you execute during the year.

What you actually need to do:
Here are the steps for this lesson:

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Download the Implementation Guide.
  3. Do the work.
  4. Tell us how it went in the Facebook group Nonprofit Founder’s Society.

Things To Think About When Planning An Event

Seminar with Nonprofit Event Planner, Danielle Sidock

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