Stage 3: Planner

We know who we are, how we will begin serving and have a plan to get there. This stage picks up some momentum by getting policies and procedures together and begin planning your fundraising activities.

Milestones and Action Items

Milestone #1: Created basic management systems/procedures 

  • Action Item #1: Create Policies and Procedures specific to your program
  • Action Item #2: Create Personnel Policies and Procedures


Milestone #2: Created basic fundraising systems/procedures 

  • Action Item #1: Create Money Handling Policy and Procedure


Milestone #3: Defined Ideal Donor 

  • Action Item #1: Take the Ideal Donor Challenge





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Nonprofit organizations rely on major donors to help them achieve their goals. These donors are often individuals or organizations who are willing to give a large amount of money to a particular cause. While there are a variety of reasons why someone might donate to a nonprofit, the main reasons are to help others and to make a difference.

General Operating and Program Budgets

A budget is a tool used in financial planning that allows the organization to predict its income and expenses. It is one of the cornerstones of financial stability and a key component to sound financial management. In this lesson, we talk about the two budgets needed- General Operating and Program. The lesson includes a Video explanation of budgets, Implementation Guide, General Operating Budget template, and Program template.

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