Start Here

The Nonprofit Founder’s Society is built with a plan for success. It divides up the milestones and action items into five stages to help you get things done without overwhelming you.


Find Out More About Your Stage


“I have my 501(c)3! Now What?” You are just beginning your nonprofit and need a direction. This stage lays out the plan and gives you milestones and action items to get your nonprofit moving.


“I have a Board in place and we are working together to define the nonprofit and become the nonprofit we envision.” This stage concentrates on defining your nonprofit and programs.


“We know who we are, how we will begin serving and have a plan to get there.” This stage picks up some momentum by getting policies and procedures together and begin planning your fundraising activities.


“We feel confident with the management and programs side of the nonprofit and need to add fundraising to begin services.” This stage focuses on the fundamentals of professional fundraising to start raising the funds you need.

Budding Nonprofit

“Our nonprofit is up and running and funding is coming in. We’ve raised our first $5,000!” This stage helps you continue raising funds and focuses on time management for all the moving pieces.