Pay Per Lessons Catalog

These lessons are available as stand-alone lessons as an alternative to the membership. They do not include any additional support.

The Nonprofit Founder’s Society operates under three categories: Infrastructure, Time Management, and Fundraising.

The Founder’s Journey is broken up into Stages inside Nonprofit Founder’s Society and encompasses all of the categories. You will see under each lesson title the stage the lesson was designed for in particular. The stages follow The Founder’s Journey below.

It may be helpful to keep in mind your stage when selecting the right lesson for you.


Fundraising 101: How to Start Raising Funds

Designed for All Stages


This lesson teaches the very basics of fundraising. We talk about what those basics are, why we do them and get into how to start fundraising. A five-page Implementation Guide with fundraising ideas for every stage is included with the lesson.

What's Your Plan? Creating Your Fundraising Plan for the New Year

Designed for Stages 3 and 4


I think of a Fundraising Plan as a road map. You start out at one place, decide on where you want to go, and then choose your route to your destination. A Fundraising Plan is how to get where you want to go.
In this lesson, you will receive a video, Implementation Guide, Fundraising Plan template, Fundraising Plan Workbook, Fundraising Plan Income Streams spreadsheet, and the Strategies and Activities Worksheet.

Social Media Beginnings: The Basics of Social Media

Designed for Stage 4


Social media are the platforms used to communicate and network with other people on the internet. Social media is an integral part of most people’s lives these days. When an organization has a social media presence, they have an instant level of credibility. Social media done right also gives the organization a cheap way to acquire and retain donors. This lesson walks through the basics of social media and setting up your first account.

You will receive an instructional video, an Implementation Guide, and a Social Media Page Overview worksheet to help you plan your social accounts.

Social Media Content Lesson

Designed for Stage 4


In this lesson, Content for Social Media, you will learn what content to post, how often to post, and a content system to help you automate social media and keep it manageable.

You will receive an instructional video, an Implementation Guide, and a Social Media Content Calendar and system to help you plan your social posts.

Creating a Facebook Fundraising Campaign Lesson

Designed for Stage 4


Facebook Giving Campaigns help you raise money through Facebook. When you consider that people donate almost 35% more online and Facebook has the largest number of donors ages 50+, then fundraising on Facebook becomes an important activity to add to your fundraising. In this lesson, you will learn the components of a good Facebook campaign.

You will receive an instructional video and an Implementation Guide.

How an Ideal Donor Affects Your Fundraising

Designed for Stage 4


This lesson talks about why an Ideal Donor is important and how to use the Ideal Donor to maximize your fundraising. Lesson includes video and implementation guide.

Write Your Founder’s Story for Fundraising Success

Designed for Stage 4


A Founder’s story is a powerful narrative for nonprofit organizations to connect with potential donors and build relationships that increase funding. It’s a personal narrative that shares the organization’s origins and journey to its formation. As a nonprofit founder, your story is a key asset in fundraising because it provides insight into your motivation and passion for the cause you support. The lesson includes a video and implementation guide.

Plan Your Signature Event

Designed for Stage 4


A Signature Event is an event deeply rooted in your mission and is THE event your organization is known for. In this lesson, we talk about how to plan one, tips for planning one, and how to make money with them. With video and Implementation Guide. Annual membership members get a budget template and seminar with Danielle Sidock, a Nonprofit Event planner.


Create a Board Vetting and Recruiting Process

Designed for All Stages


A Board Recruitment Process is how an organization finds, attracts, confirms, and welcomes a new Board member. This process can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days. This lesson comes with a video, Implementation Guide, Board Matrix, Potential Board Member Package, Board Member Application template, and Board Orientation Book. There is also a Bonus lesson included called What Do You Need at Your Next Board Meeting? This lesson has a video, Implementation Guide, Board Minites Template, Agenda template, Board Notice/ Reminder Memo, and Financial Statements template.

Create Your Grant Ready Signature Program

Designed for Stage 2


A signature program is the program or service the community knows you by. Being grant-ready is the process where an organization assesses, plans for, and executes its plan to research/find, apply for, win, and manage a grant successfully. Combine the two and you get a powerful way to fulfill your mission and get funding. Included in the lesson: a video on the topic, Implementation Guide, and Grant Ready Program Template.

Create a Strategic Plan to Move Your Nonprofit Forward Each Year

Designed for Stage 2

A Strategic Plan is a document intended to provide direction for your organization by laying out actionable goals for realizing your mission. You will receive a video explaining Strategic plans, an Implementation Guide, Gap Exercise Worksheet, and bonuses- SMART Goals Worksheet and The Fundamentals of Success.

Two Budgets You Need: Program and General Operating

Designed for All Stages 

A budget is a tool used in financial planning that allows the organization to predict its income and expenses. It is one of the cornerstones of financial stability and a key component to sound financial management. In this lesson, we talk about the two budgets needed- General Operating and Program. The lesson includes a Video explanation of budgets, Implementation Guide, General Operating Budget template, and Program template.

How to Create a Sustainable Nonprofit Program for Long-Term Impact

Designed for Stage 2: Builder

A sustainable nonprofit program is a program that is created to be able to operate for an extended period without having to rely on external funding sources. This means the program has a business model that generates enough revenue to cover its expenses and sustain its operations. In this lesson, we talk about what a program is, why we need one, and how to set one up. The lesson includes a Video explanation of sustainable programs and an Implementation Guide.

Time Management

Weekly Fundraising Routines to Add in The New Year

Designed for All Stages

Fundraising routines are things we do every day, week, month, quarter, or year that helps us with our fundraising goals. Most fundraising activities are cumulative, meaning they build on each other. Doing little things will slowly build to larger things. This lesson gives a checklist of 9 things you can start doing today to help boost your fundraising efforts. The lesson includes a Video explanation and  Implementation Guide.